With the selection of Schlage locks currently available, we can certainly take advantage of the great outdoors or sleep peacefully knowing we are well protected. However, there may be times when we need to reset our Schlage lock and return it to its default settings to maximise its usability and for our peace of mind.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking advice on how to reset a Schlage keypad lock for a door without a code. Fortunately, you may change the keypad lock feature by unlocking the lock or resetting it without using the programming code.

You only require programming code when you want to add new user codes, remove existing user codes, or enable/disable any lock features. This blog covers all the necessary information for resetting a Schlage keypad lock.

Understand A Few Critical Points About the Schlage Lock

Default User Code

By default, the majority of Schlage locks contain a four-digit user code. These four-digit codes are temporary unless the user alters them later on during the device’s usage.

The Location of The Schlage Button

Please be aware that while practically all Schlage keyless entry locks include Schlage buttons, some of them also have set buttons exclusively.

Changing Your Schlage Keypad Lock’s Code Without a Code

A Schlage keypad lock for door may be reset without the need for a code, to start.

  • Before disconnecting the battery, slide the battery cover up.
  • Click the Schlage button once, then release it.
  • reattach the battery. The Schlage button should now be pressed and held firmly until the lock beeps and the light turns green. Make sure you finish this procedure in 10 seconds or less.
  • The reset was effective if it did.
  • Resetting your Schlage keypad lock for door is only one action.

Removing The Default User Codes

Schlage Keypad Locks provide two default User Codes, just like the Programming Code, for opening the lock using the keypad. The two codes, together with the programming code, may be found on the front and back of the keypad assembly and user manual, respectively.

 And you’ll need to take these codes out and substitute your own. To eliminate the two default User Codes simultaneously, adhere to the directions below:

  • Once you’ve entered your current programming code on the keypad, wait for the Schlage button to flash orange three times before three beeps begin to sound. Press the Schlage button next.
  • Press the keypad’s number 6 once, then wait for the Schlage button to glow orange three times and emit three beeps.
  • Specify your programming code here. The two default 4-digit User Codes will be removed as a result.

The next step is to programme new codes so that you may use the keypad to lock and unlock the lock. How to add new User Codes is as follows:

  • Once you have entered your current programming code, the Schlage button should glow orange three times and the lock should beep three times. Next, make one push the Schlage button.
  • When the Schlage button flashes orange three times and emits three beeps, press key 1 on the keypad.
  • The Schlage button should flash orange three times and the lock should beep three times before entering a new four-digit user code. 
  • Retype the fresh User Code. The lock will flash green once, indicating that the new User Code is active and may be used to open the lock.
  • Repeat the procedure to add more User Codes. Make sure each code is special.

How To Change a Schlage Lock’s Code

Follow these instructions to modify the Schlage lock’s standard 4-digit code.

Locate Source Code to Reset Schlage Keypad Lock

If your lock is brand-new, you can find the original programming code on your manual or behind the keypad’s outer face (which necessitates removing the keypad from the door). You must restore the keypad to its factory settings if the lock has been used or if you forget your prior entry code.

Enter Your Programming Code

Next, input the keypad’s six-digit programming code. The Schlage button will beep three times before blinking orange three times.

Press the Schlage

In the same motion, push the Schlage button and the keypad’s number 1. The Schlage button will once again beep three times and glow orange three times.

Enter Your Fresh Access Code

Fill up the keypad assembly with your new user code. It must be a special code that is not already in use as a guest code or primary entrance code. Additionally, it cannot be your programming code’s initial four digits.

Re-Enter Your 4-Digit Code to Verify – Reset Schlage Keypad Lock

Enter the identical four-digit code again to verify your new code. The Schlage button will flash green and sound a lengthy beep to confirm your new code if everything is done successfully. Verify that everything works by testing the code.

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